The War that Changed the English Language - Mini-Wars #3

24 maí 2018
18 645 164 Áhorf

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  • 5:20 England over promising & underdelivering since 900ad

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  • I was watching this unknowingly that my ancestors participated in the invasion of England with William the Conqueror

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  • 0:27 it was at that moment the docter knew, he fucked up

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  • Dude. Uncool.also thanks for being patient i needed to pause there.

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  • If we can teach today’s English kids, about the sins of the English empire, we might be able to prevent more war and genocide. And help make a safer world for our kids. Because I am too young to die in any stupid war for some deranged English speaking noob.

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  • Those normans were hard bastards, they steamrolled over alot of their opponents, no wonder the brits, after being conquered by romans, saxons, vikings, and normans, combined with their celtic blood became such a force later on. They learned the hard way about war.

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